In July 2013, a formal Vehicle Repair Standard was implemented to help drive modern repair standards. Sean Dempsey, Suncorp's head of Motor Claims, reasoned that:


"Ultimately, we think that a commitment to training, maintaining equipment, quality control, occupational health and safety and delivery of customer service should be the standards adopted by modern repairers."


As part of these standards, motor vehicle repairs are required to professionally maintain their welding equipment.


“Although equipment levels are important, the standards to maintain that equipment properly and the training needed to ensure it is used properly also need to be in place.” 


The welding equipment maintenance required by the 'Vehicle Repair Standard' is in addition to that which is required by the Workplace Health and Safety Queensland - Welding Processes - Code of Practice, and the Australian Standard act AS 1674.2—2007.


Accordingly Metro Welder Services have developed it's VRS Maintenance Program. This one program ensure compliance across the board, and needs only to be implemented once every 12 months. Minor repairs are included in the price of this service, and any major repairs will be quoted on beforehand ensuring no costly surprises. The VRS Maintenance Program includes thoroughly testing all aspects of the welders operation. This means that any failing component or aspect of the machine will be noted, and a written report will be supplied detailing the steps required to rectify the problem before it causes downtime. Upon completion Metro Welder Services will provide a detailed report stipulating compliance to the standards in place.


Metro Welder Services are currently in the process of ensuring that our VRS Maintenance Program meets the needs of the  Australian Motor Body Repairers Association of Australia (AMBRA) own equipment maintenance standards.


Please feel free to give Metro Welder Services a call on 07 3348 6000 to discuss how this can be implemented in your establishment.